• Res från Linköping City Airport
  • Res från Linköping City Airport
  • Res från Linköping City Airport
  • Res från Linköping City Airport
  • Res från Linköping City Airport

Departures / Arrivals

30 March 2015
Tid Flight Från Linköping Anmärkning Bolag
11:50 KL1182 Amsterdam Check-in opens at 09:50 KLM
12:55 SK1893 Copenhagen Check-in opens at 10:55 SAS
17:05 KL1180 Amsterdam Check-in opens at 15:05 KLM

Tid Flight Till Linköping Anmärkning Bolag
11:15 KL1181 Amsterdam KLM
12:35 SK1892 Copenhagen SAS
16:30 KL1179 Amsterdam KLM
Senast uppdaterad: 2015-03-30 08:57:51

Daylight savings = change of time table and opening hours

Please note daylight savings from March 29. The opening hours of the terminal building will change, as will the timetable for our airlines. New information can be found to the right on this page.

Travel to Linkoping City Airport if you plan to attend Vätternrundan!

Vätternrundan 300 KM - 12-13 June 2015
The worlds biggest recreational bike ride Vätternrundan 300 km lets you ride around Lake Vättern in the county Östergötland in the heart of Sweden. This summer Vätternrundan celebrate the 50  ride on June the 12  to 13 , and the whole town prepares for a big celebration. More information about the ride can be found on vatternrundan.se and visit www.sveciatravels.se  for more information about accommodation.
Tjejvättern 100 KM - 6 June 2015
Together with thousands of other ladies you will ride out on the countryside of Motala and experience a challenging and beautiful course. The best thing is that you yourself set your limits. Some laugh and enjoy themselves. Some push themselves to the limit, and enjoy themselves. You decide what you want to do. Visit vatternrundan.se/tjejvattern for more information and registration and go to sveciatravels.se for help with accommodation.
Halvvättern 150 KM - 7 June 2015
Halvvättern 150 km is the perfect warm-up for Vätternrundan, but at the same time a very challenging ride. The beauty is that you decide what to make of it. Ride in a team or solo. Push yourself to reach your own goals or just ride for fun. All take place at a very scenic route through historical places like the medival former capitol of Sweden; Skänninge.
Go to Vätternrundan.se/halvvattern for more info and registration and visit sveciatravels.se for accommodation.
ITU LD Triathlon World Championships in Motala - 26-28 June 2015
This summer Motala and Vätterntriathlon will host the World Championship in long distance triathlon. The world elite will come to Motala and give the town a continental feeling. On Saturday the 27th of June is race day and on the 28th there will be an open class for everyone.  Go to vatterntriathlon.se for more information and visit sveciatravels.se for questions concerning transportation and accommodation.



Sweden’s fifth-largest city, Linköping, is located on the stunning Östgöta Plains in the province of Östergötland. There’s a lot to see and do here all year round!

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Linköping City Airport is now the region's leading airport for scheduled flights.

Airlines serving the airport are KLM with up to three daily flights to Amsterdam, and SAS with two daily flights to Copenhagen. This makes it possible to reach more than 350 international destinations from Linköping City Airport.