Dear Travelers,

It has hardly escaped anyone that the airline industry is facing huge challenges. When boundaries are closed and restrictions are imposed, you cannot fly except to a few destinations. Most airlines place most of their fleet on the ground in anticipation of more normal circumstances. Air France KLM is a profitable and stable airline, but steps must be taken to meet this challenge. For us in Linköping and most other airports you fly to, it means that the traffic stops. If circumstances permit, it is planned to start up again the first week of May. Please visit the KLM website for the latest update.

When KLM returns, you will receive the same personal and generous service. Same focus on safety, quality and sustainability.

The terminal will be open Mon-Fri, 08.00-17.00. It is a tough time we all go through but we hope you will come back to us as soon as we have the beautiful blue aircrafts back in place.

Welcome back!

Camilla Lejon
Linköping City Airport AB


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Last updated: 2020-04-02 16:37:53

At the airport

Linköping City Airport is now the region’s leading airport for scheduled flights

Airlines serving the airport are KLM with up to three daily flights to Amsterdam. This makes it possible to reach more than 350 international destinations from Linköping City Airport.