General Aviation

Linköping City Airport also offers services to General Aviation. PPR is required at all times.
Information from Local traffic regulations IAIP ESSL Linköping/SAAB  (Aroweb LFV)

“The environmental concession permits daily traffic between 0700 and 2200 local time. In addition, after special permission from the airport manager, scheduled and traffic of public interest may be accepted. Prior Permission Required (PPR) H24. PPR Phone +46-13-262840 or e-mail

For airlines with passenger traffic a passenger charge applies. It is an infrastructual charge for access to airport passenger facililites and is debited per departing passenger: International/domestic: 75SEK.

For quotation regarding handling and other services please contact Airport Operations or +46-13-262840.

Please note that all charges shall be settled before departure.

Security charges are set and invoiced by governmental Transportstyrelsen (Swedish Transport Agency) directly to airline operator. See (TSFS 2012:113)

PPR Request

Complete the form and press send.

Linköping also has one of the country’s largest aviation clubs, Linköpings Flygklubb, with approximately 300 members.

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