Checking in

Checking in at Linköping City Airport is fast and efficient. Make sure you are at the Airport and checked in ahead of the specified time when the gate will close, this includes those who are only travelling with hand baggage.

We recommend checking in 90 minutes prior to departure. Check-in to Amsterdam closes 40 minutes before departure time.

When checking in please present your ticket or card as well as identification. Make sure your hand luggage is within the specified dimensions and does not contain items that are not permitted on the aircraft. Baggage, other than hand luggage, will be weighed and checked in.

Check-in Online

When you fly with KLM you can check in online via  Please note that if you travel with checked in luggage you must leave your bags at the Airport baggage drop atleast 40 minutes before departure.

KLM online check-in


Having completed check-in procedures you will pass through a security section on your way to the departure terminal. Present your boarding card at the security control section and pass through the metal detector. Pacemakers are not affected by the metal detector. If you are uncertain, please talk to the security personnel. Once your hand luggage, any outdoor clothes and mobile phone have been x-rayed you are then free to enter the departure terminal.

Restriction on liquids and other items

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