Dukaten Parking provides long-stay and short-stay parking at Linköping City Airport.

Long-stay parking

Located only 50 metres from the terminal you will find our long-stay parking area: Nedre långtidsparkeringen. Check in at the entrance barriers and pay upon return directly at the exit barriers.

We accept most cards by the pay and display machine (VISA, Mastercard, Statoil, OK Q8, Preem, Shell, St1, Volvokort).

Parking charges:

Day 1: 23 SEK/hour, max 130 SEK/24 hour
Day 2-4: 130 SEK/24 hour period
From day 5: 40 SEK/24 hour period
Maximum price for 30 days: 1 000 SEK
Annual card: 11 000 SEK

Short-stay parking

Limited short-stay parking is available a short distance from the terminal and is intended for visitors to the airport and when picking up or dropping off passangers. This space has a maximum parking time of 2 hours. Parking charges 23 SEK/hour.

Special needs parking

There are designated spaces intended for use for those with a valid permit for the disabled located a short distance from the terminal. This space has a maximum parking time of 2 hours.