In order for you to have a safe and smooth journey, there are a number of guidelines and rules about what is allowed to bring in your checked baggage or your hand luggage.

Baggage rules for KLM

Hand baggage

Your hand luggage must be able to fit in the space under the seat in front of you. The allowed size and weight of the hand luggage varies between different airlines.

Checked in baggage

The permitted size and weight of your baggage without incurring extra costs differs between airlines. We advice you to contact us or the airline you are travelling with for correct information.  If your baggage exceeds the permitted amount you will be charged excess baggage costs.

Think about when packing

Do not pack glass or other fragile objects in the checked in luggage. Remove the batteries from all battery-operated appliances to avoid them starting during the journey. Special packing materials are available for prams and other fragile luggage. Skis should be placed in a ski-bag.

Missing or damaged baggage

If your baggage does not arrive on time or is damaged, please contact the Service Centre at the Airport.