Travel with disabilities

This service must be ordered when booking airline tickets.

When booking your flights it is important you state exactly what type of services you require. This includes those onboard the flight, accessing and leaving the aircraft and at all the airports you will be visiting en route to your final destination. To make your journey as enjoyable as possible and in order for us to prepare and provide you with the services you need, please submit the following information:

  • Do you require special assistance to handle your baggage?
  • Do you require special assistance approaching and leaving the aircraft as well as help to access and depart the aircraft?
  • Do you have hearing or sight problems which necessitate your need for assistance?
  • Will you be accompanied by a guide dog?
  • Will you have a battery-operated wheelchair throughout the journey – if a battery-operated wheelchair is used please check that the batteries comply with regulations.

For further information please contact the Airport or your airline.