Our goal is to be a fossil-free airport, a green airport by 2025 at the latest!
We are already far ahead among Sweden’s airports in terms of our sustainability work, in 2021 only 300 kg of CO2 was released from our own operations. However, we will not give up until we reach the goal of 0 kg!

What do we do?
Our entire vehicle fleet runs on electricity or HVO (biofuel adapted for diesel vehicles). The heat comes from district heating and the electricity from hydropower. Our uniforms are made from recycled material and we are in the process of changing all lighting to LED. Solar panels will soon be installed on our terminal roof.

We are active in the Green Airport Project, a project supported by the European Development Fund and which unites the regional airports in Sweden for sustainable travel.


In 2023, we will work to become ACA-certified (Airport Carbon Accreditation).


Flying today is not a sustainable way to travel, but much is being done and development is moving forward quickly. Emissions per air traveler have decreased by 80% in the last 50 years. This means that a flight currently emits less carbon dioxide than if you make the equivalent trip by car.

Recently, “The Perfect Flight” was carried out in Sweden by the airline BRA, a flight with permission to fly an optimized route in order to save as much fuel as possible. Emissions per passenger kilometer were reduced to 34 g of carbon dioxide. The limit to get the green car bonus is 60 g.

According to a report from Chalmers/Naturvårdsverket, Swedes’ emissions from air travel have not increased at all in the last 18 years. This is due to much more fuel-efficient aircraft, more efficient ways of flying and higher occupancy rates in the aircraft.

However, carbon dioxide emissions from air travel are a global issue and travel is increasing in different parts of the world.

So when you have to fly, make an active choice and choose to fly with an airline that actually tries to make a difference.

For the past 15 years, KLM has been at the top in terms of its sustainability work according to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Read more about KLM’s work and how you as a traveler can make your flight more sustainable:

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